Daily Mail boss says more people get news from Internet

daily_bannerLeonard Kantumoya, managing editor of Zambia’s Daily Mail, said he wanted to brainstorm with other media tycoons about the challenges facing today’s traditional media at the World Media Summit in Beijing on Oct. 8-10.

    Kantumoya told Xinhua (Chinese News Agency) in a recent interview that he welcomed this opportunity for an open discussion during the summit in order to tackle and perhaps solve the difficulties his paper was facing.

    “I have two topics to be discussed during the summit. The first and the most important one is how to address the challenges facing the traditional media from the new media,” Kantumoya announced.

    Kantumoya explained that nowadays, readers can obtain information from both traditional media, such as newspapers, and “new media,” such as the internet and mobile phone.

    Kantumoya has observed that an increasing number of people prefer to obtain their news from the “new media” because they are usually free of charge. This poses a threat to the survival of newspapers.

    The second topic Kantumoya would address are ways to mitigate the global economic downturn’s impact on media.

    Kantumoya cited his newspaper as an example, which has lost many readers who couldn’t afford to buy newspapers during the financial crunch.

    Kantumoya said his paper was struggling to survive. Fewer ads were being run in newspapers since companies were also enduring an economic slowdown.

    “I have a great interest to see what methods other leaders of media have to address this problem,” he said.

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