Daily Mail claims ZAF boss is on normal leave

Daily Mail claims ZAF boss is on normal leave

Zambia Daily Mail tries to dispute Zambia Watchdog revelations that ZAF commander Erick Chimese has been fired.

Daily Mail claims General Chimese is on normal leave. Honestly, how can Daily Mail even try to challenge the Watchdog which is always right?

Anyway, as far as we know, Chinese is on forced leave, which as far as we are concerned will lead to the same thing; dismissal.

The forced leave follows active criminal Investigations against Eric Chimese for misappropriation or theft or fraud of money on undisclosed but sensitive project, are underway.

And to show the Daily Mail that we are far ahead, here a copy of Circular to senior ZAF officials signed by Col. Katakula which says D Muma is Acting ZAF Commander, and his Acting Deputy is Brig Gen K.Chintu

Additionally, President Lungu will soon swear in the new ZAF bosses.
Over to you Daily Mail.

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