Daily Mail editor accused of supporting Barotseland secession

Bells are tolling for Zambia Daily Mail deputy managing editor Anthony Mukwita over his conduct at the government funded and controlled newspaper.

From the time Mukwita was appointed in November 2011, journalists at Daily Mail have been complaining that Mukwita changes their news articles by adding his own opinions. He is also accused of disregarding the main editor Isaac Chipampe and runs the newspaper as if he is the managing editor.

But in the past one week, Mukwita has angered his bosses at State House and ministry of Information for allegedly supporting the cause of the Barotseland agreement.

Mukwita is Lozi.

Journalists reported Mukwita to State House and ministry of information accusing his of blocking any stories that oppose the secession of Bartoseland.

Particularly, he is accused of blocking or watering down all stories on the resolutions by the Nkoya people of Kaoma. The journalists accuse Mukwita of giving prominence to stories that support secession.

The Watchdog has been informed that the powers that be are angry with Mukwita for blocking stories relating to Nkoyas as it is a government project.

Selected Nkoyas  have been given huge sums of money by government to oppose the secession of Barotseland.

But the government is failing to charge Mukwita with this ‘offence’ so they have found another one for him.

On Monday, the Daily Mail published a story entitled ‘Chanda Cimba is back’ http://www.daily-mail.co.zm/?p=1479

The story itself is empty and say nothing sensible or new but journalist have told state house and ministry of information  that it was Mukwita who wrote it but put names of other journalists.

It is said that president Sata himself read the story and wondered what it was all about.

On Tuesday, George Chellah, Sata’ s mouth-piece and Amos Malupenga, the permanent secretary and ministry of information phoned Dail Mail editor Isaac Chipampe directing him to take disciplinary measures against Mukwita.

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