Daily Mail finally sues Sata

THE Zambia Daily Mail has sued Patriotic Front president Michael Sata and is claiming damages for trespass.

The media institution is also claiming interest on damages, costs and any other relief the court may deem appropriate.

According to a statement of claim filed on February 17 at about 09:15 hours, Sata forcibly stormed the Zambia Daily Mail boardroom where an editorial meeting was taking place.

He was in the boardroom for some time after which he slammed the door shut and left.

While on the Zambia Daily Mail premises, Sata issued threats and various profanities against the institution and its editors.

Zambia Daily Mail has and enjoys possession of plot 2381/4 Longolongo Road, light industrial area, Lusaka, where it conducts its business.

The media institution is and was at all material times a company incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap 388 of the Laws of Zambia and publisher of the Zambia Daily Mail newspaper.

The writ was issued by SBN legal practitioners.

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