Daily Nation fires reporter for refusing to scandalise Savenda

Daily Nation fires reporter for refusing to scandalise Savenda

Sakala’s Daily Nation fires reporter for refusing to scandalize Savenda

In his evil and desperate scheme to crush anyone who stands in the way of Stanbic Bank’s scandalous dealings with some judges of the Zambian Supreme Court, notorious lawyer Eric Silwamba has convinced Daily Nation owner Richard Sakala to fire female reporter Chikumbi Katebe for refusing to participate in writing malicious stories against Savenda Management Services Limited.

Silwamba is prepared to go to any length to protect the corruption involving himself, his clients Stanbic Bank and the corrupt Supreme Court judges who were bribed to rule in favour of the disgraced bank.

After the Supreme Court judgment that upheld a court of appeal ruling which had ordered that Savenda Management services pay Stanbic Bank US$1.3 million, the public reacted sharply, criticizing the suspicious manner in which the judgment had been delivered.

In the process, the Supreme Court cited Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo, Southern African Network against Corruption executive director Gregory Cifire and Rainbow Newspaper managing editor Derrick Sinjela for alleged contempt.

It was at this stage that Daily Nation owner and ex-convict Richard Sakala assigned his reporter Chikumbi to go to the High Court to retrieve all documents relating to the case, from the time it started so that the newspaper could begin to write stories with scandalous headlines so as to sway the public from what was contained in the judgment.

But Chikumbi was reluctant to be used in this reluctant crusade against Savenda Management Services who were in 2016 initially awarded K192.5 million damages by Lusaka High court Judge Justin Chashi, to be paid by Stanbic Bank for negligently reporting the company to the Credit Reference Bureau for allegedly defaulting on a loan facility.

After Chikumbi’s apparent refusal to take part in the malicious campaign, Silwamba took it upon himself to write a series of articles analysing and justifying the suspicious Supreme Court judgment, with equally malicious and unethical headlines which read “The Savenda Scandal”.

In the malicious articles, Silwamba hid his identity by using the by-line of a Daily Nation reporter Charles Musonda.

Later, after Silwamba’s activities were laid bare, it was suspected that it was Chikumbi who had exposed him as she was accused of being sympathetic to Savenda who have been ill treated by the Supreme Court. Now the biggest question is: how much money has Stanbic dished out to silence both the media and the Supreme Court?

So sad for the young reporter whose only crime was to stand on the side of what is right.

Silwamba, Stanbic, your days are numbered.

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