Daily Nation blasts Fred M’membe for referring to old Sata as ‘Michael’

The following editorial has been published by the Daily Nation newspaper:

It is uncouth, uncultured and temerity of the worst order to call an elderly person, a Grandfather at that, by their first name, more so if the person also happens to be the President of the Republic.

 Not even his seniors and elders will call him by the first name. It is taboo. Only a narcissist, exhibiting an exaggerated sense of self importance and closeness in the hope of sustaining political patronage, will

Society will tolerate such delusion for the sickness that narcissism is.

Narcissism is a psychoanalytic description of the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egoistic admiration of one’s own attributes that derive from arrogant pride.  The proverbial young man, Narcissus, according to Greek mythology, fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

Often such sickness is manifested by total intellectual failure, leading to such conclusions as the entire PF had one righteous man, Wynter Kabimba, and the rest are a cabal of blood thirsty rotten and corrupt tribalists, who are set to kill a president who has lost his mind. Narcissism is also manifest in an irrational and all consuming rage that is compounded by a lack of principle and coordinated cogent thought and argumentation.

Fortunately political patronage, like hypocrisy is ephemeral built on shifting sand of the prevailing political wind.

Things have changed. Those who protected the post newspaper from tax default are speaking out. We have in our possession information which shows that the post is in serious tax default, which has been covered up by political patronage.

The certificate we have published on the front page is only the tip of the iceberg of criminal non-compliance. We have restrained ourselves from publishing all the information because we would like to accord the Zambia Revenue Authority an opportunity to either validate or confirm our information. It is not our business to make generalized accusations. We seek facts.

We have been equally constrained to comment on the convictions that Mr. Fred M’membe and his friend and business partner Mutembo Nchito secured through vicious media campaigns against defenseless citizens, as these are at various stages in our courts of law.  Suffice to state that they have been challenged.

As a lawyer Fred M’membe should know that it is contemptuous of court to comment on matters that are before the Supreme Court. Sadly this is not the first time he is doing so.

Fred M’membe wrote two editorials announcing that the said appeal in the High Court had been lost, even before judgment was read. An application for contempt was made to the same court but surprisingly the court confirmed the Post Editorial finding.

 In the circumstances an appropriate applications has been made to the Supreme Court and if Fred M’membe was  a professional journalist with an interest for the truth he would have known that the conviction has been challenged.

Narcissists are angry people, who are driven by personal interests which are at variance with common good.  Such people are full of envy and will bring down any progressive ideas and indeed undermine individuals who may wish to stand out for their effort and positive contribution to society.

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