Daily power black-outs in Samfya leaves ATMs down, mobile phone networks inaccessible

A Union mother body has bemoaned the negative impact of erratic power outages that have besieged Samfya district.

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions Samfya District Chairperson Kunda Kupa said civil servants have been hit hard by irregular power outages and further exacerbating the challenge of striving to diligently serve in a rural area.

Mr. Kupa said as a union they were aware of the energy deficit the country as a whole is facing but could not comprehend the subjection of Samfya residents to perennial blackout’s which in most times were in unexplained circumstances.

“During the dry season we were on two or one week-long blackouts owing to local and national maintenance works on the lines leading to Luapula via Northern provinces’ Luwingu district, now, the rains have barely started and we are already having a feel of constant outages and disruptions to brace for,” said Mr. Kupa.

He said the unpredictability of constant power supply in the district had now become a daily scenario which was a detriment to stimulating trade in the fish and tourism sector which have the potential to uplift the general livelihood of the Samfya community.

Mr. Kupa said as a result the district was at times experiencing extreme network failures on the existing mobile telephone service providers as machines could not ably be powered by ZESCO or powered by generators.
He said currently a lot of people were affected whenever there is network failure at the only bank ATM adding that even the ZANACO Xapit Express service ‘a banking tool’ for deposits and withdrawals at the Post Office have been down for some time now due to power failure.

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