Dam on Luangwa river to swallow Luangwa national park, part of Mozambiaque

Dam on Luangwa river to swallow Luangwa national park, part of Mozambiaque

North_Luangwa_National_Park_005The lake the PF plans to create in Luangwa will swallow the entire South Luangwa National Park, parts of Mfuwe, almost all the villages in Luangwa, Feira and Chongwe. The lake will spread into Mozambique and probably merge with lake Kariba. The Great East road might also be submerged.

The Zambian Embassy in South Africa has contracted a firm called MDH South Africa (Pty) Ltd to construct a dam along the Luangwa river at a cost US$1.2 billion. The Zambian government is expected to borrow this money.

The so called Ndevu Gorge Power Project will mean blocking the Luangwa river by constructing a dam wall on it. Once the water is blocked, it will start spreading onto both side of the river hence creating a lake. There is no telling how big the lake will spread as this will depend on the pressure and amount of water in the river.

This will be the second time Zambians are displaced to pave way for lake.

Like someone wrote about the creation of lake Kariba:

For the Gwembe Tonga and Kore Kore peoples, the Kariba Dam was a death blow to their communities and culture. They had lived for centuries in the Gwembe Valley along the northern and southern banks of the Zambezi River. But in 1958, this wide valley turned from river to reservoir. Whole villages were flooded, displacing 57,000 indigenous people. Affected communities were given little information about the dam and no choice but to move. Some displaced communities resisted resettlement, but were defeated by colonial authorities in a short battle know as the Chisamu War. Villages were burned so the people could not return.


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