‘Dan Pule should be honest on his divorce’

I would like to respond to Dr Pule who made mention of his first marriage to former Mrs Jane Pule.  He was asked a question by Miss Bwalya Banda concerning his marriages that caused great distress in the body of Christ
As much as I agreed with everything he said about making mistakes  and  picking one’ self up and moving on,  he was wrong for misrepresenting his first wife. He claimed that he tried his best not to allow her to divorce him. That was a false portrayal on his part trying to signify to the public that he was the ”victim of a divorce” when  he was the one that went outside his marriage and arrogantly refused to return to its pristine sanctity. He claimed he suffered to maintain his marriage when on the contrary, he rejected all sound advice and went on to marry another woman even before the divorce.
He said he wants to be candid about his divorce because he is now a better counsellor, which is commendable, but being a better counsellor demands that one be entirely truthful about what had happened instead of lying to the public that he didnt want a divorce. One should not downplay the enormous distress and pain caused against family and the entire church by declaring ”innocence” subtly.
I honor Dr Pule as a great man who I learnt a lot from while I was Music Director at Dunamis Church, and I definitely am proud that he has picked himself up and is married to a very honorable lady that I respect and have great admiration for, but pointing a finger at his first wife as the one that sought the divorce, portraying himself as the victim is not only unfair on her part but is an insult to all of us that sat on those pews and listened to him preach.
Bishop Israel Chelelwa ‘s advice was onpoint,  Dr Pule should desist from talking about his divorce if he thinks we will sit there and gullibly be agreeable to his subtle allegations. We know his first wife very well, she is a woman of great integrity and would never pursue divorce unless events surrounding her were forcing her in that direction, and I am a strong witness that she tried with all her might not to walk that course but someone was happy to strong arm her into that divorce. If YOU want to talk about your divorce(s) , you have all the right but dont subtly taint another person’s character just because you are the one holding the microphone
Sidique Geloo

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