Dan Pule steals campaign funds from Lungu

Dan Pule steals campaign funds from Lungu


The so called National Opposition Alliance has sacked its Spokesperson Dan Pule for stealing money, according to a member of the grouping.image

Dan Pule ‘pocketed’ some undisclosed amount of money but believed to bé in tens of Thousands that was collected from the den of Thieves (State House) earmarked for some hungry chaps called opposition leaders.

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu carries these chaps around everytime he goes for a campaign rally. They are usually paraded after musicians perform and before Lungu yaps.

They parrots that they have adopted Edgar Lungu as their candidate. Among these is Cosmo Mumba who has an honourary doctorate degree from a University behind Simosom building. Others are Edwin Sakala the younger brother of ex- convict and owner of Daily Nation Richard Sakala. The other one is called Musona. They are sixteen all together. Pule went to State House and collected the money for his fellow hungry politicians before the Kafue rally but instead ‘pocketed’ it. Pule is the Chief Pastor for Dunamis church and he is also in-charge of TBN a respected christian broadcasting service. Pule has married three times and divorced twice and sleeps with many women who go to Dumanis. His is part of the National House of Prayer construction committee that is tasked to establish a huge building called National Tabernacle of Prayer established by Edgar Lungu on October 18, 2015. It is the parent of the group blasphemously called Christians for Lungu (NOT FOR CHRIST) campaign team.

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