Dandy Crazy survives being jailed

LUANSHYA magistrate Edward Banda has slapped a twelve months jail term on  Moses Wesley Chibamba, 36, popularly known as‘Dandy Crazy’ a musician residing at house No. 4817 Ndeke village, Kitwe, with hard labour.

But magistrate Banda suspended the same sentence to 18 months on condition that the convict that does involve himself in any criminal offence during this period. This means that he won’t be in jail but if he commits another offence wothin the next 18 months, he will be jailed for this offence and the other one he will commit.

Magistrate Banda passed the sentence after Mr Chibamba’s defence lawyers Paul Mulenga and Anold Chikonda pleaded for lenience from the court on behalf of the convict.

In  mitigation, his lawyer Paul Mulenga pleaded that Mr Chibamba was a well known musician who was just at the peak of his career and that he was a composer of a famous revolutionary song ‘Donchi kubeba’ that brought change of government.

He also said that Mr Chibamba was a family man saying that he was also looking after five street kids

The defence lawyer added that Mr Chibamba was also a family man who had made positive contributions to society saying that from the time he was incarcerated he had learnt the danger of involving himself in criminal activities.

And in passing judgment, Magistrate Banda said that he had taken into consideration issues that the defence lawyers had brought before the court in mitigation and therefore the convict deserved lenience from the court being the first offender.

He however, counseled Mr Chibamba not to involve himself in activities that may negatively affect his members of family and youths in society.

Magistrate Banda, said Mr Chibamba who is a well known musician in Zambia and has many fans who look up to him, therefore he must have good public conduct.

Meanwhile, scores of residents flashing the PF symbol from across Copperbelt province thronged Luanshya magistrate‘s court to show solidarity to Mr Chibamba.

Mr Chibamba was arrested for trafficking in 14g of cannabis which he concealed in the pocket of his trousers and also in the compartment of his unregistered Toyota Progress which was also seized by the Drug Enforcement Commission.(DEC)Commission. The suspect was apprehended in Luanshya.

Chibamba is the musician who composed the pro-corruption song ‘Donchi Kubeba’ which is the official song for the PF.

Dandy crazy was even honoured by president Michael Sata in his first independence celebrations when he won elections.

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