Dangerous Reversal Politics of doom

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your unwavering stewardship of fearlessly defending democracy sufficiently tested and proven. Though i don’t have the privilege of contributing anything on your threads, i ardently follow your reporting. With regard to PF failures and overdrive abuses, i can only say that what they don’t know is the fact that it’s impossible to preserve peace in the absence of a visionary and wise leadership. With its reversal politics, PF has irredeemably lost the plot though too early in its quest to misrule. Within 18 months in power all Zambians are seeing is this much historically abhorred return to mere animality — or shall we call it ‘decivilisation’? — Zambia’s nascent democracy is in dangerous reverse overdrive. The world’s democracy movements are alarmingly seeing a return not to freedom but to instinct, to the domain of ‘authenticity’ that is guided more by genes tyranny and doom than by brains. Its either they change or or sink in one term

The sooner they realise that Zambia is not PF and PF is not Zambia, the better for them because power belongs to vigilant  progressive Zambians.

Thank you!

Senior Citizen

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