Dangote accused of fraudulent cement scheme

Dear Editor,

Good day.

 I would like to bring to your attention and to the general public that Dangote cement started a scheme where if cement is taken out of copper belt, they would give K5.00 per bag transport rebate to the customer the next week to the customers account.

I am the general manager of a building material supplier company and would like to inform you about the misdeeds by Dangote

1. Dangote is failing to credit the transport rebates for over 6 weeks now and using this money to run their operations, we currently have K

33,000.00 in rebate credit that was to have been credited in last week of November 2015.

2. Dangote deliberately overcharged us on invoicing for cement on the 2nd of december and till now after 25 days unable to raise a credit note to reverse the same amount to more then k 17,000.00

All this i have been handling with their sales supervisor Vanessa Williams, accoutant mwiinga  and sales representative Manda Kondwani.

Currently Dangote owes us more then 50000 kwacha which nobody wants to take responsibility and have refused to reply to my emails too and

using this money for running their operations.

Please let me know if you need any proof documents on this and publish this so that the general public is aware of this.

Thanks and good day

Devendra K.Lalji.

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