Now Dangote cement to sue Shamenda

Now Dangote cement to sue Shamenda

Labour minister Fackson Shamenda may face legal action from Dangote industries for slanderous and defamatory remarks after he neglected a demand to withdraw the statements.
A letter dated 1st October, 2014 signed by Dangote lawyers Theotis Mataka and Sampa, states that it was not true that the company offered an apology to him over his bribery allegations. The company demanded that Shamenda withdraws the allegations within 24 hrs but Shamenda has not apologized.

Shamenda alleged that the company regretted their alleged action of attempted bribery by their official Zango Bala. He further alleged that Mr. Bala fled the country because of the bribery attempt, contrary to the fact that Mr. Bala was on a company assignment for four months, which had since elapsed.

“Our client’s attention has been drawn to statements you continue to make about it having offered you a bribe and being corrupt, the latest having appeared in the Post newspaper dated 1st October 2014. In the said paper you have been reported that Dangote has since offered you an apology and wished that your action would serve as a lesson to the corporate world that this is bad practice. Those words are particularly damaging to Dangote’s reputation as an investor not only in Zambia but the whole of Africa,” read the letter in part.

Shamenda has been linked to various allegations of attempting to solicit for bribes from investors, he is reported to have visited Dangote plant in Ndola more than four times, including weekends on the pretext that he was carrying out inspections.

And Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) said Shamenda committed a punishable offence by failing to report the corruption attempt to law enforcement officers within the stipulated period and could go to jail for a period of two years.

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