Dangote workers being treated like slaves


UPND chairperson for labour and social security Percy Chanda has bemoaned the high rate of casualisation and harsh working conditions taking place at Dangote cement factory, which he has described as slavery and has since called on PF government to come to the aid of the workers.

In a press statement accessed by the Watchdog, Mr. Chanda sad that UPND was aware that the PF introduced a law to stop casualisation in the country but in their usual failure they have failed to implement their own directive. He charged that PF government has no clue on how to proceed with labour matters.

“This is a plant with about 2 000 employees and less than 100 are on pensionable conditions. The rest are either with a job broker or employed by dubious contractors who have taken maximum advantage of the weak and visionless PF Government to exploit and pay slave wages to the Zambian workers. These workers are on contracts which do not attract any gratuity. While the Ministers in the PF Government are busy counting how much is their gratuity these Zambian workers earn nothing at the end of their contracts” partly read Chanda’s statement.

He stated that the salaries at the company are so poor that a Zambian Artisan is getting K1 800.00, Drivers K1 500.00 while helpers get K1 200.00. Meanwhile the PF Government has mismanaged the country’s economy to the level that such salaries are meaningless let alone sustain a family of two.

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