Danish police say Shansonga has been detained for 6 more days

Police in Denmark say Attan Shansoga has appeared in court twice so far and is still detained.

Steen Hansen, Communication officer for the Danish police told the Watchdog by email.

‘It is true that Attan Shansonga was arrested by the Danish police on Friday June 22nd 2012 at 23:27. He was arrested, because there was an international arrest-order in his name,’ said Hanseen in response to a query sent by the Watchdog earlier.

‘He was in court on Saturday where he was imprisoned for 3 x 24 hours.

‘On Tuesday 26th 2012 he was again put before a judge, and he was imprisoned for further 6 days.’

He said the the Danish authorities are in contact with the Zambian authorities and discussing if he is to be sent to Zambia.

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