Dante Saunders asks PF to protect miners’ jobs

Political Activist Dante Saunders has advised government not allow mining companies to lay off workers due to continued load shedding in the country.
Mr. Saunders says it is the responsibility of government to formulate policies that will see to it that every worker in the mining sector is protected.
Mr. Saunders says the PF government has been instrumental in advocating for the creation of job opportunities and that their vision will be tested now that some companies may be contemplating on laying off workers due to erratic power supply to the mines.
He has also called on the ruling party to swallow their pride and accept that they need the input of other stakeholders in dealing with the current economic crisis in the country.
Mr. Saunders has told QFM News by telephone that even if these challenges are global, other countries are making headways in addressing them unlike what is prevailing in Zambia.
He says it is unacceptable that the price of fuel in Zambia is too much higher than any other country in the region.
And Mr. Saunders has accused the PF government of transferring senior police officers who allowed the UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to hold public meetings on the Copperbelt recently.
Mr. Saunders says the PF should stop harassing those who are not supporting their ideas saying Zambia is a democratic nation.
He says the people are suspicious that those transfers were made especially after those police officers allowed the UPND Leader to hold different meetings.

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