DAPP, USAID take clean water to one Mpika village

Village headman

Village headman Morris Lupupa

By Ernest Mwape-Residents of Chipita village in Mpika district in the Northern Province will start using clean drinking water once the water project is completed in the area, it has been learnt.

In an interview on Friday, Chipita village Headman Morris Lupupa disclosed that the sinking of the borehole had advanced and was 10 metres deep.

The borehole project is estimated at the cost of six million kwacha and is being financed by USAID through Development Aid from People to People (DAPP).

Lupupa revealed that DAPP had requested the local community to contribute the sum of 50,000 kwacha towards the installation of the pump and provide labour, stones, sand and food.

He added that the expenses towards the procurement of water pump and pipes would be met by the sponsor of the project.

Chipita village lies south of TAZARA Township and has over 120 households with the population of approximately 2, 000 people.

Drilling of the borehole is being done manually using the Baptist method. In this method, a person who directs the pipe fitted with an arrow bit get soaked as if he is being baptized therefore the name.

A group of people pull the rope which is raised between the two poles and tied to a pipe fitted with an arrow bit that pierces the ground while a person pushes it up and down causing it to drill.

The traditional ruler noted that the borehole will not only improve the water situation in the area, but also reduce cases of water bone diseases which is caused by drinking untreated water.

“The borehole will not only improve water situation in my village, but also assist in reducing water bone diseases that come about as a result of drinking untreated water,” noted the head man.

Lupupa who disclosed that every one was participating in the work was however quick to point out that although the village would have clean drinking water, he would always encourage his subjects to boil or add chlorine before drinking it.

“I will always encourage my subjects to boil water or add chlorine before drinking it as safety preventative measure,” the traditional ruler vowed.

Residents in Chipita village draw water from nearby contaminated kabale stream and shallow wells.

Commenting on the project, Annette Mando Kamanda commended DAPP for attending to their plight.

Annette who appealed to DAPP to consider drilling more boreholes in the village called on her fellow villagers to jealously look after the borehole.

Work in progress

Work in progress

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