Date for hearing of case to remove Litunga set

Date for hearing of case to remove Litunga set

The Mongu High Court has set February 24, 2017 as the date for the commencement of hearing the case in which Lozi traditional leaders want the court to compel the Litunga to abdicate.

The Lozi leaders are accusing Litunga Imwiko Lubosi of theft, corruption and general incompetence among other vices and weakness.

16652466_633532223512595_916726784_nThe traditional leaders state that ‘under the reign of the now respondent, the Lozi traditional norms of decency and dignity have heavily been compromised with corruption, indiscipline, dishonesty and irresponsibility within the rank and file with substantive key position in the hierarchy unfilled.’


They also argue that ‘during the sixteen years of Edwin Lubosi imwiko’s litungaship, the respondent made no single visit to any one district over which he has jurisdiction to connect with, or discussing longstanding issues affecting the welfare of his subjects as such fountain of honour in his chiefdom.’


The Lozi leaders state that if Imwiko does not voluntarily step aside, the leaders and their people will use traditional methods to remove him from power.


‘Wherefore acting for, and on behalf of the more 90% of the Lozi people have an equitable interest of this matter at heart , DO HEREBY pray this Honourable Court to find in our favour and DECLARE that the said Edwin lubosi imwiko voluntarily abdicates failing which the applicants together with the people of Barotseland be at liberty to invoke options of customary nature open to the Lozi tradition to remove the said Edwin lubosi imwiko on the grounds of gross incompetence and abuse of authority of office’.


See full ‘charges here’

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