David Phiri still performing duties as minister despite resigning

Former Tourism Deputy Minister David Phiri who has resigned from the MMD is still performing his official duties the Zambian Watchdog has learnt.

Sources from the Ministry of Tourism and Arts have disclosed that Mr.Phiri whose Mkaika seat has been declared vacant is still flying an official Zambian flag.

The source said Tourism and Arts Minister Silvia Masebo went to plead to President Michael Sata to keep Phiri in order to help with the organisation of the United Nations World Trade Organisation. The source said it was a big illegality for President Sata to keep Phiri as Deputy Minister despite him publcly resigning from MMD and joining the PF.

Meanwhile, people close to David Phiri have told the Zambian Watchdog that Phiri is regretting resigning from MMD after the recent results in the by-elections.

“David is regretting,after the recent results in by-elections, he thinks he made a mistake to quit MMD because he now believes MMD is still strong in Eastern Province and he may not win in Mkaika” the source said.

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