Davies Chama joins list of Vice-Presidential hopefuls

Davies Chama joins list of Vice-Presidential hopefuls


Defense minister Davies Chama has joined the list of senior PF officials lining up to replace ailing Vice President Inonge Wina.

Our contacts state that Chama seems to have more favour with president Edgar Lungu as he has not yet shown open ambition.

Vice President Inonge Wina last month suffered a heart attack and was evacuated to South Africa.

A few days ago she was sneaked back into the country at midnight and is still in isolation.

But, people close up her now believe there is a plot to eliminate her and are pointing fingers at health minister Chitalu Chilufya.

For example, after she was evacuated, one person close to her said:

“We were all shocked how these guys sent an ambulance with a provision of only the patient and the driver and no family, no doctor and this was refused as the Vice President had to use her own car before being taken to UTH that evening, this is all Dr Chitalu Chilufya’s Luapula United game. Imagine when we reached UTH, they had organized a wheelchair for Mama Wina but because she sensed something fishy, she refused to use it but walked and they took her to a certain room where she was injected with some unknown drugs which made her go into unusual sleep but family and then we time came for her to be taken to SA and while at UTH one person came running saying “We didn’t do it properly” and this shocked everyone such that at the time the President was coming, there was chaos and when we reached the airport, Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his schemers could not even wait for the plane to take off for South Africa as per routine, they immediately drove off.’

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