Davies Chama says there is no tension in Zambia

Davies Chama says there is no tension in Zambia

Mushaukwa in hospital

Minister of PF defence Davies Chama says there is no tension in Zambia but admitted that current negative publicity is hurting Zambia.

Chama has a pending case of attempted murder. In 2015, he shot a Mulobezi resident Mushaukwa Mushaukwa who ended up in hospital for two months. Even if doctors managed to extract the bullets from his body, Mushaukwa has become permanently impaired. Chama was not even investigated for this crime so it remains pending

But yesterday Chama told government controlled newspapers that ‘alarming’ statements like the recent ones, such as that the country was experiencing political tension, had the potential to harm the nation’s image and create chaos.

Chama said statements of political tension were mere perceptions of people who were aggrieved and did not want to portray what was on the ground.

“Tension can be a perception. If people are aggrieved or annoyed, there can be tension, but in Zambia there is no political tension. The fact that you disagree does not mean there is no peace,” he said.

Chama said such statements had the potential to ruin Zambia’s reputation as a valuable investment destination, which would in turn affect its economy.

He said in a democratic country, people would always have different views and disagree on certain matters, but that did not mean there was no peace.

In the photo, Chana’s gun victim while hospitalised in 2015

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