Davies Chama says Wina will be PF running mate in 2021

Davies Chama says Wina will be PF running mate in 2021

???????? He is playing good boy to both president Lungu and veep Wina while underground he is campaigning, wishing and praying that Lungu does not stand but anoint him.

????????Last week he caused to be published an article in a British online publication suggesting that he is the leading contender to the presidency

????????Now he is saying Inonge Wina will continue as running mate

????????His daughters are currently the major suppliers to the military

By Patson Chilemba

Those who are positioning themselves to be running mates bakaloba ilyabola, says Defence minister Davies Chama.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the statement by ruling PF Lusaka provincial chairperson Paul Moonga that the party needed a male running mate that was strong, physically and mentally fit from Luapula, Northern and Muchinga provinces in the 2021 general elections, Chama said party members must stop manipulating the presidency, making him to choose certain regions against the other regions.

“Every other region is entitled. And for your information Her Honour the Vice-President is very fit, so why are we even debating the issue of running mate when the Vice-President has even said that she is available? So what’s the issue?” Chama asked. “So we don’t want people to start insinuating things that are nonexistent. So the Vice-President she’s available, she’s still in office and she has indicated her availability. I think she issued a statement to that effect. So I don’t know why even this issue is becoming debatable.”

Chama expressed surprise on why party members were positioning themselves for the Vice-Presidency.

“I don’t even understand why people should even position themselves, bakaloba ilyabola (they will catch rotten fish) because it’s up to the President to choose the running mate. Period. And it’s a long way to go why people can even start debating this issue,” Chama said. “We are just being destructed from issues of governance. That’s why people are alleging a lot of things even suspecting..when an incident happens it’s all the issue about running mate. For me this debate is irrelevant and it’s not even necessary for now. I think the President is more competent to handle this issue at the right time. And that’s next year when we start going for elections.”

At the start of the interview, Chama said he did not want to be seen to be debating with Moonga and that he needed to verify if it was him that issued that statement over the running mate position. But when reminded that it was this same journalist that interviewed Moonga and had also interviewed him (Chama) on several occasions, Chama opened up and spoke: “For you I know yes, for you I cannot doubt you. I know you personally and I think you are a man of your word, a man of integrity and I think we need journalists like yourself. But I think let us leave it at what I said.”

He said he had read what this media organisation had posted.

“And you depicted exactly what I discussed with somebody without twisting…so for that I want to say you are one of the rare. That’s how it is supposed to be, people must depict the truth without any distortion whatsoever,” said Chama.

Speaking with Daily Revelation recently, Moonga said even the vote margins from where the President came from in Eastern Province could not be likened to Southern Province, where opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema originates from.
“Meanwhile Luapula, Muchinga he’s (President Lungu) given a better share,” Moonga said. “So we should be very realistic, our colleagues who are giving us so much votes what do we do?”
Moonga said the PF could not be selfish against the people of the three Northern Bemba-speaking provinces, saying he had nothing against any tribe but was just being realistic.
“If you put ba (Richard) Kapita he’s a good man, qualified accountant, very intelligent from North WesternProvince, (do) you think he would add more value? The answer is no. What about those people giving more votes?” Moonga said. “A child whom you send all the time, go and bring this, even when there is left over food you call this child. Even the voting pattern should be the same.”
Moonga said if he were President Lungu, he would not look beyond those three provinces.
“And this time around I am talking about a male. Any male. All the good male candidates. I have nothing against the gender issues, I am looking at a person who would run the race. This country is 762,000 square kilometers,” said Moonga. “Somebody strong enough to hit the ground all over the 10,000 polling stations. We have got over 10,000 polling stations to go round and check every thing. That’s a strong man. Not just a man, a strong physically fit and mentally fit. Mentally stable. That’s a man I am looking at from those three provinces if I was Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”

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