Davies Chama’s cartel continue to plunder Zambia Railways

A cartel of senior managers working with PF Secretary General Davies Chama has continued to plunder Zambia Railways assets and sworn to frustrate any Managing Director to be appointed

The cartel which comprises Christopher Musonda Director Intermine and Acting CEO, Davies Mukonkela Director HR and Scrap metal dealer Webby Mutambo who is also Director Rolling stock has secretly sold Unitary Zambia Railways (UZR) as scrap without declaring the money to government.

While running on-going Zambia Railways in 2010 and 2011, they sold the following sidelined locomotives: 402, 407, 409, 312, 301, 403, 252, 246, 250, 228, 247, 242, 231, 230, 245 and shunting locomotives 501 and 502. We challenge Acting CEO Christopher Musonda to deny this or disclose how much money was realised from the sale.

Further the cartel further looted all the 70 KVA and 5KVA generator sets which were to be mounted on Japanese brake vans for passengers, but were never used by the concessionaire Railway Systems of Zambia (RSZ).

Like we stated earlier when we said that Chama is abusing his position as board chairperson, perhaps President Edgar Lungu is not aware of these scandals but his Davies Chama is certainly aware and has even taken a share out of the loot.

Next exposure will be how the cartel shared Zambia Railways buildings and the removal of the Ndola – Luanshya railway line stretch.

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