Davies Mwila’s abuse of office

Allow me to express disgust at the blatant injustice and abuse of human rights being perpetrated by this government, through Home affairs Minister, Davis Mwila.
The alleged murder case of Alfred Mwaba has attracted public interest and many people are shocked at the injustice being inflicted on innocent persons. The public is surprised that a complaint made by the grieving family without the assistance of professional opinion decided, that the work of the police had been incompetent and that the earlier directions given by the DPP (NPA) be overlooked and investigations be reopened at their request.
The Constitution is clear that the DPP cannot be given instructions by any power or authority and that his or her decisions are based on the law only. In this case, it is clear that the power of the DPP has been overridden by some authority. Since it is inconceivable the Inspector General of Police can overrule the DPP, it is logical to conclude that the instructions came from a higher authority such as Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Davis Mwila (who has personal connections with the Mwaba family through Catherine mwaba his old time girl friend from the time they worked together at Nkana mine and in the Mine workers union of Zambia).
Catherine Mwaba and her lover Davis Mwila believe that they must choose their own investigators and select a judge of their own preference to hear this matter. So far, Minister Davis Mwila assigned his chola boy, Inspector Chama. Chama from force headquarters in Lusaka to Kitwe and has tampered and altered all the evidence in order to try and get innocent people convicted for a crime that never happened, so that Catherine Mwaba can get insurance which can’t be given if her brother committed suicide.
Mwila and his boisterous girlfriend Catherine Mwaba are busy pressurising the DPP to push the case forward when the police have failed to produce competent facts or evidence beyond reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. This family has been making careless press statements labelling innocent people murderers. This is unacceptable!
A few facts about the deceased;
Alfred Mwaba was Jobless for a long time. He was once a Mining Contractor with three of his friends between 2004 to 2007 before their company got in trouble with Mopani. He worked for ZCCM and he was medically discharged by Mopani in 2003 because he was an insulin dependent diabetic. Almost 50 years of age, he was never married, had no children and he was not only depressed but a self-harming alcoholic. He was admitted into hospital for two weeks after which he was found dead by his friends on 15 September, 2015.
The public may wish to know that the pathologist who testified in this case said he was told by Catherine Mwaba that the deceased was intoxicated. How did she know he was poisoned? She is failing to show her face in court because she’s ashamed instead, she is complaining that the judges are corrupt and lawyers of defendants are compromised, she has made it her mission to try and discredit them and get off the case and usual boastful manner she says ba sweetie (Hon. Mwila) will get her Judges from Lusaka.
Why are they saying Evaristo Mpundu murdered Alfred Mwaba his best friend when no crime was committed? The Mwaba family has failed to accept that Alfred was broke, Catherine Mwaba has gone to the extent grabbing the vehicle Alfred sold to Evaristo. Claiming it belongs to her brother when it ceased being his a long time ago. He sold most of his things because he was broke.
Where are the business partners who wanted Alfred Mwaba dead after a business dispute?
Minister Davis Mwila must remember that May is just next month and he won’t have this office he’s abusing with impunity. Tables may turn against him very soon. And Inspector Chama should remember that politicians come and go it is important that you don’t compromise the integrity of police service, for a few pieces of silver. You have discredited fellow Officers accusing us of being corrupt and yet it’s your hands that have been greased. You are a little puppy for Minister, through you, he shows his concubines that he is the man.

It is unacceptable that any authority can overrule the DPP in the interest of personal or family friendship. It is even more unacceptable that persons should be arrested on the bases of the evidence the DPP had dismissed.
It is gross injustice that any Zambian citizen should be held in remand without charge or any specific offense in relationship to the death of the deceased but mere suspicion that they may somehow be connected in circumstances where the alleged murder itself has not been established. The public expects the Minister of Home Affairs to respect the rule of law, direct his police officer to stop the prosecution of innocent citizens. Davis Mwila must respect the DPP’s decision and not use emotions to prosecute innocent people.

Concerned Police Officers

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