Day 10: president Sata still missing

Today is the 10th day from the day president Michael Sata was evacuated to Israel via South Africa. Despite desperate lies by government officials, Sata has not been seen in public or heard saying anything from that time. The Zambian Watchdog reports that Sata is in a coma in Tel Aviv.

One Zambian wrote to the Watchdog agreeing with vice president Guy Scot that it could be true that Sata will remain in Israel for ‘as long as it takes’, but like Ariel Sharon.

The Zambian writes,
Scott was right; “‘Sata’ will take as long as it takes in Israel.

In January 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered from a stroke which eventually saw him hospitalized ‘as long as it took’. Doctors in Jerusalem transferred him to Tel Aviv (where Sata is) & he remained in a permanent vegetative state (PVS), coma in other words for the next 8 years until he died this year on Jan 11th 2014. The following April, after Sharon suffered stroke in January, the cabinet (with consultation from a medical board) declared him ‘incapacitated’ & immediately his vice took over as PM. Israel doctors managed to keep Sharon for 8 years in that PSV state, fed him through tubes but he was literally gone until this year when he finally gave up his ghost.

I believe Sata is in that state & any attempt to remove the machines, he’s gone! It is no wonder this ceremonial thing called Galu Scott said ‘Sata’ will remain there as long as it takes. I’m afraid, Wynter (HIV) Kabimba may remain acting president until 2016 if Zambians don’t rise up & send a Zambian medical board to go & ascertain Sata’s viability to rule this country.

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