Day 24: Sata not seen, not told about death of former ‘wife’

Day 24: Sata not seen, not told about death of former ‘wife’

President Michael Sata has not been seen in public or heard saying anything for 24 days now and the Watchdog has been told that the president has not been informed about the death of his former ‘wife’ Matilda Mutale.

Sata was last seen in public on June 20, 2014 before he was evacuated to Israel for medication and remained in a coma for a number of days.

He was brought back into the country after two weeks in a vegetative condition and has since been ‘hidden’ at State House.

State Houses sources say things are bad and Sata is secluded at the mini-hospital within Nkwazi house, the official residency of the president.

‘The president is in very bad state and state house staff have also not seen him, it is also restricted to now go to the presidential compound as only a few trusted staff are allowed there but not anywhere inside Nkwazi house,’ said a source.

‘His wife (Kaseba) is under pressure as she is the one nursing him 24/7.  The president has also not been informed about the death of Matilda Mutale, as it will worsen his state, he will be informed when he is a little stable,’ the insider continued.

It is said that no minister apart from Alexander Chikwanda, Sata’s uncle, has seen the president after his return from Israel.

Wynter Kabimba was just informed that he is no longer acting president but was not permitted to see Sata.

Only a few selected aides like Judge Ngoma, George Chellah are seen frequenting Nkwazi house everyday.

George Chellah is said to have taken the sickness of Sata so personal that he is depressed and has even stopped been seen in public as well. The arrogance and boasting has evaporated and replaced with fear.

Chellah is said to be afraid of what will happen to him once a new president takes over as he has been the most corrupt State House official.

From proceeds of corruption, Chellah has bought houses in London, South Africa and has built mansions in Zambia way above his earnings of slightly above $2000 (equivalent) a month.

Before Sata went down, Chellah was head boasting to his friends that he has stashed more than $5 million in offshore accounts and that should anything happen to Sata, he would survive outside the country with that money.

Chellah has topped issuing press statements and has stopped updating Sata’s Facebook page.




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