Day 26: Sata not seen in public

President Michael Sata has not been seen in public or heard saying anything for 26 days now. An attempt by his spokesperson George Chellah to show that he can walk  by posting photos on facebook backfired as a cross section of society has described the photos as fake. Even the BBC has dismissed the photos as unreal. But Chellah has continued posting staff on Sata’s facebook but certainly not latest or audio photos of the sick president.

The day Sata was said to be chairing a cabinet meeting was the same day his former ‘wife’ Stella Mutale was supposed to be buried but probably postponed. So, if Sata is fit, why did he not attend the funeral or even burial of the woman he has children with?

Sata was last seen in public on June 20, 2014 before he was evacuated to Israel for medication and remained in a coma for a number of days.

He was brought back into the country after two weeks in a vegetative condition and has since been ‘hidden’ at State House.

And opposition political parties have dismissed as a fabrication photos of President Michael Sata chairing a meeting at State House that were released by his press aides on Monday as proof that the head of state is in good health.United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president Cannicias Banda said on Tuesday that the pictures were questionable because they were still pictures and not video footage and so they were likely to be old.

He said the pictures did not prove that Sata was in good health and the only way forward was for the president to appear in public.

The opposition Movement for Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) also demanded that Sata addresses the nation in person if the government assertions that he was in good health are to be believed.

MMD youth chairperson Howard Kunda said his party did not believe the pictures from State House were taken on Monday as stated by government, saying they were old and meant to dupe the public into believing that the president was well.


But Chief Government Spokesperson Joseph Katema has maintained that the released pictures of the President addressing Cabinet yesterday are the official position of government.

Dr. Katema, who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister, has told Qfm News that he was personally in attendance of the Cabinet meeting at State House which President Sata chaired.

He says anyone still not convinced about the President’s wellbeing can continue politicking as there is no big issue as far as he is concerned.


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