Day of prayers; government diverts K500,000 to bribe some ‘Pastors’

Government plans to spend over K500,000 to be given to some chosen pastors in all the ten provinces in for them to spread the intended propaganda that Zambians should not look for an alternative political leader to solve the mess created by PF  but only God.

According to a Watchdog source in State house, the money shall be given through all the provincial ministers and permanent secretaries who have been tasked to identify ‘influential pastors’ to work with within their jurisdictions.

“President Lungu and the entire PF have learned that Zambians are fed up and ready to vote them out but because they can’t convince them using anything else, this prayer day is aimed at brainwashing people that only God can improve our economy and not any other alternative leader, and this is the message that these pastors shall be spreading, so really there is no repentance of any kind,” disclosed the source.

The source further said that the identified pastors have already started having some meetings and sensitisations in their churches encouraging the members to turn up for the prayers. They have been told that after a successful even they will all be paid an K5,000 each directly from state house during an event where Lungu will call them to thank them.

“After successfully observing this day of prayers, they shall be given another K5,000 per individual pastor but this shall be disguised as an invitation by the President to thank them for observing the day,” he said.

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