Daylight robbery by MTN

Last week Friday, a K3 was wrongly deducted from my account. When I called the customer care centre I was told I was browsing and that’s the reason my K3 was deducted. I explained to the agent that the very same day I had subscribed 4 blackberry absolute weekly plan @ K14.70 and wondered why I should be charged extra when I only use FB and whatsapp.

The agent told me it was a wrongful deduction and they would get back to me in 24-48 hours, I have been waiting since.

My weekly subscription expired yesterday and I did a daily plan subscription and last night before I went to bed I had a K6.90 expecting to remain with a K4.80 after an auto renewal @ mid-night. When I checked my account this morning I had a K2.30 and when I called customer care I was told a K2 was deducted for 411 competition of which I told the agent I have never enrolled for such a competition. She told me the only thing she can do is de-register me from the competition.

I tried to reason with her this way: if I had K6.90 before mid-night and K2.10 was deducted for the blackberry subscription and a further K2 deducted for 411 competition I was still going to remain with K2.80 and not K2.30. The only thing she said was that she could not trace where the other K0.50 had gone 2 because the system was still loading…now isn’t this day light robbery by MTN? ZICTA should something before this escalates. I might not be the only one. The K2 and the K3 can turn into millions of kwacha

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