De-linking, aligning and re-aligning of districts

By Nkisu Gerald Katayi

What is the meaning behind the establishment of new districts in Zambia?  According to what is being reported; the move will improve service delivery to the new districts. What type of service delivery is being promoted? Like new roads and infrastructures like hospitals, primary, secondary, and trade schools?

But currently this is not the case. Residents of the created districts still attend school and get medical attention from their former districts. What service delivery are we talking about?

Oh, may be the service delivery will be in the future. Well, in that case, why create new districts now when no value is added to the status befitting a district?  Moreover, the current districts are loaded with dilapidated buildings; schools without desks, clinics without medicines and qualified manpower. Why create new ones? In this scenario, creating new districts when old ones are wasting away is simply creating more problems.

Creation of these districts poses a danger to those who live in borders area. One day they might wake up not only in a new district but a different country for the purpose of “service delivery.” Worse enough some foreign land might be claimed to be part of Zambia. The creation of these districts seems to be a random act of a hobby than a mental, geographical and developmental project.

Before elections last year, it was rumored that PF was planning to give big chunks of land to their financers. Is the creation of new districts a gimmick to blind Zambian in order to give away land to shylock?

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