DEADNBC, Times & Daily Mail killing PF


By Antonio mwanza

In life, particularly in leadership, criticism is a necessary evil. Hearing divergent views, listening from those that do not agree with you is extremely vital as it can help you to see the other side; it can help you to know what others are saying and thinking about you and your leadership. Thus, criticism is very essential because if well used it can be used to help you mend your mistakes, straighten your faults and reshape your strategy. Criticism should be used as a mirror to help one mirror themselves.

I get it. Yes I know that no one wants to be criticised. We all want to be praised. We all enjoy being venerated. We all don’t want to be told any negative truths about ourselves. But remember, that it is better to be told the truth no matter how negative it is than to be flattered with lies. You are better off knowing your real positive HIV status, for instance so that you can take precaution and receive treatment than to fool yourself in ignorant consolation that you are negative when in fact not.

So the behaviour of DeadNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail were they only issue and cover propaganda statements in favour of PF; the conduct of these “public” media outlets of completely blacking out opposing/divergent views from the opposition or indeed their conduct of only covering the negative stories about the opposition is not helping PF. Infact this behaviour by DeadNBC and it’s sister media is killing PF because it is denying the PF Government and Party to hear the views of others. The views from the opposition would help Government and PF to correct certain mistakes they are making. It would help them view the reality than gloss themseves in flattery. The PF and Government are intoxicated with their own voices, they are maudlined in their own propaganda that DeadNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia is feeding them; they can’t see anything beyond their tummies and noses and that is dangerous.

When you listen to only yourself and only those who praise and agree with you , you stop reasoning and start believing your own lies. This is exactly what happened to Kaunda in the late 90s; that is exactly what happened to RB. They were only watching, listening to and reading about themselves on DeadNBC, in Daily Mail and Times of Zambia to the extent that reality eluded them. They were daily fed on cheap propaganda that things in the country were ok; they were made to believe that the opposition were just a bunch of noisemakers who had no support of the masses; they were wrongly comforted that they had the support of the masses. By the time KK and RB new the truth, it was too late.

So it’s up to the PF to continue listening and watching themselves on DeadNBC TV and radio and continue reading about themselves in Daily Mail and Times of Zambia and continue comforting themselves that all is well and suffer the fate of KK and RB or they can free the public media from political manipulation as well as take time to listen to the divergent views that the private media is churning out.

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