‘Deal with army worms,not Given Lubinda’



With army worms covering half of Zambia and eating the maize, which
will mean hunger next year, a wise government will do well to attend
to real problems and not induce worthless
by elections that will cost us billions of kwacha.

If acute hunger hits this country the government may fall!

It is a notorious fact that Given Lubinda, has been one of the most
loyal, approachable, hard-working and law abidding members  in the PF
for many years .

That explains why cheap market type gossip is being used by Wynter
and his gang to remove this jewel, this extraordinary public servant
from the  from the party, to create room for the actual traitor and
political parasite this country has ever known.

They might succeed in hounding out Given Lubinda from the PF and I
emphasise might, but they risk the future of the PF tommorrow.

Given Lubinda is so effective and so down to earth in Kabwata that if
he stood on a UNIP ticket he would win!

Wynter has never won any election in his life, no wonder he harbours
bitterness, contempt and hate for those who have excelled.

Wynter will be remembered for his corruption and gross arrogance!
That will be his shameful legacy!

The PF Government should be very careful when dealing with the people.
They promised heaven in 90 days and they delivered hell.
The PF is busy plotting evil against its opponents, inducing useless
but costly by elections, using the police to prevent citizens from
enjoying their fundamental rights. It is because of wasting their
energies and precious time, on the above worthless ventures that they
have clearly failled to run the country. That explains the Mealie meal
and fuel shortages, this explains the worsening Load shedding.

Wynter get a life, leave Given Lubinda alone!

Kind regards

Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

Very alarmed Citizen

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