Dear Mosho, sorry but I doubt you

Dear Mosho, sorry but I doubt you

December 6, 2018

Mr Lewis Mosho
C/O Lewis Nathan Advocates
Independence Avenue

Dear Mr Mosho,


On November 27, 2018, you ran a notice in the Daily Nation newspaper, asking all former employees of Post Newspapers Limited (in liquidation) to submit specific documents to you as proof that they were indeed employees. We are grateful for the gesture.

However, we have difficulties trusting the process you are conducting in light of the challenges connected to the Post liquidation including the presiding Judge being found with a preliminary case of misconduct.
We therefore seek your assurance on how transparent this process will be before we can involve ourselves.

We also request your assurance that you have not been engaged in any misconduct in relation to this Liquidation. Given that there is a preliminary finding against the presiding Judge, assure us that this Liquidation is not tainted with Illegality.

It would be unfortunate if it were established that you played a role in any illegalities surrounding the Post liquidation.

We look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Oliver Chisenga

For former Post employees

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