Dear Mr President

Dear Mr President, I write this letter with no intentions of bringing you to hatred, ridicule or contempt but to simply express myself under the rights given to me by part iii (bill of rights)of the zambian constitution. I know your cadres will attack me for this, but whats the point of having a voice if i can’t be heard? I shall not speak like fool by negatively criticising every decision you have made from the time you were incorporated into power, i believe you have made some right decisions and i for one respect that.

Mr President Sir you declared October 18th as the day of national prayer and fasting and reconciliation i’d like to believe it was for the benefit of the nation. The former late president F Chiluba’s declaration of zambia being a christian nation is and was unconstitutional and i don’t think the nation should be bound by it. What happened to one Zambia one nation? If religious declarations are being made isn’t that dividing the nation? because not every Zambian is a christian and these non christians tried to speak they were verbally abused by your people.

My president could it be said that you have chosen to go against the same law you are representing or what? Because section 131 of the penal code declares your declaration unlawful. Sir you appointed Dora Silya as a minister when she is facing criminal charges, who will we look up to? Does ma’am Dora’s deeds seem fit to inspire a young Zambian like me?. Then the decision of including all deputy ministers in cabinet meetings, your attention on unnecessary issue’s is unattractive for your political manifesto there 58 families being evicted in chipata, how about we focus on helping them keep that land and protect it from malawi instead of focusing on such matters, ministers get allowances for attending cabinet meetings don’t you think adding onto the audience will just increase the costs and looking at our poor economic status we can use those funds in another sector. To cut my letter short i’d like to show my last concern on the decision made to construct neutral tempels, with what funds? How many large places of worships do we have? and how many generators supplying power do we have?

How many farmers have not been paid? my list of the many needs of the country can go on but can your list of solutions add up? I know its not my place to advise you, However, as a Zambian citizen i choose to show concern on matters that will affect my present and my future. One Zambia One Nation United we stand divided we fall.

Mubonde Bupe

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