Death of health worker shameful and shocking

Death of health worker shameful and shocking

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Covid Samples and Public Transport: The shameful reality in Zambia.

In all honesty and truth, the death of the young man Ian muntambo, who perished whilst taking samples for testing from Zambezi on public transport is very shocking. Worse off, the Minster of health even has the guts to say all other vehicles in the district were busy and that is why he used public transport. SERIOUSLY??? Ok you have the guts to transport PF musicians and cadres in choppers and ZAF planes but couldn’t make proper arrangement for the young man? This is very shameful. Would we be wrong to therefore conclude that; this trend has been happening for a while? Would we be wrong to conclude that we were exposing other passengers on the bus with such samples on board? What about the money being donated in millions? Are we saying that honestly other Government department Vehicles couldn’t be brought in to help transport the young man? Are we saying not even an NGO that works with MOH could have been hired to transport the dedicated young man? Worse off , are we saying we couldn’t even hire a private Vehicle to take the young man and the samples? And there you were, as supervisor (whoever you are) even at home knowing very well that you have sent a young dedicated man to transport samples using public transport, without any shame? I have no kind words for who whoever you are. No kind words at all.  This hurts, this is painful. This will demotivate several other health workers at such a time that they are already concerned about infection rates within as well as lack of clear plan of compensation for their families.  This is a serious disaster and it will erode confidence from the international community, from the local donors and from the Zambians. In the next 3 days, we demand to hear of resignations or that those responsible have been fired for gross negligence. Starting from the Minister of Health, the Province, the District.. there should be serious action taken. Otherwise we shall judge you all.

The loss of the young man is really sad and shocking, purely due to negligence and selfishness from the so called Authorities. SHAME ON YOU ALL INVOLVED

May the soul of the departed rest in peace


Concerned citizen

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