Death of Litunga’s wife is not a natural disaster- Lozi traditionalists censure Guy Scott

Some Barotse traditionalists are angered by statements coming from vice-president Guy Scott that the Zambian government has offered logistical support to the funeral of late Litunga’s wife Queen Mouyo Imwambo Rosaleen Mulako Lisulu through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) under the office of the vice-president.

Watchdog reporters on the ground say people feel insulted that the funeral to the Litunga’s wife can be treated as a national calamity.

The DMMU was created to respond quickly to natural calamities such as floods. Not even the road accidents like the Chibombo one where more than 50 people died was treated a natural disaster.

“The funeral of wife of Litunga is not a disaster, so why is the DMMU involved. Maybe Scott’s department of disaster should be working at State House right now. This is a very important funeral that should belong to the Republic and under the Ministry of Chiefs and traditional Affairs.

Of course we know president Michael Sata can’t be involved because he has insulted those chiefs several times. He knows Clement Sinyinda is among the organizers. He also knows that the Chitimukulu Henry Sosala could be among the high profile mourners,” said one of the traditionalists there.

They explained that in case Scott was not aware, the Litunga’s wife is like Queen Elizabeth’s husband. In short, she is co-head of state of the kingdom of Barotseland.

The Zambianwatchdog exposed the PF government for not sending any message of condolences to the Litunga and the people of Western province.

But when reminded, Scott, who recently racially abused Zambian MPs as monkeys, said the Zambian government was going to offer help through the Disaster and Mitigation Unit under his office.

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