Debt swap lie exposed

Debt swap lie exposed

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They are saying that the government will not deduct any installments from lending institutions beginning the month of July 2021 for public service workers. Not until the debts are reconciled between government, it’s workers, then that cash the government and lending institutions. If there will be balances, the difference will be pushed to government owned microfinance for debt settlement.
So this process According to the government, they saying will take up to three months meaning July, August the election month and September.
Now here is question; if they will not deduct any repayments from the payslips are these lending institutions not going to follow it’s clients at the respective bank accounts when salaries are in? I am saying so because yes they may deduct anything on the payslip but those instructions like Bayport may follow it’s clients to their bank account.?
Question number two, is this not a default on the terms and conditions between government workers and lending institutions? i.e is it not going to attract interest.

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