Debt swap meant to pay former ministers loans

Debt swap meant to pay former ministers loans

Debt swap is a criminal ruse meant to use the cover of innocent civil servants by government to help pay off loans to banks owed by the former Ministers themselves and the other political appointees (senior civil servants) using government money.

It is a scam meant to cheat civil servants and to hoodwink the public as if they are doing it for the civil servants when in essence it is to pay off the outstanding loans for the former Ministers and other political functionaries who have been off the payroll for the last 3 months period and are currently campaigning and awaiting to be reappointed back into government, that is assuming that they win.
Government is acting in bad faith in the debt swap scheme and we think that government is trying to take advantage of the innocent suffering civil servants. At no time has this government shown empathy or demonstrated goodwill to civil servants. So the question should be why now?

So this whole scheme is a planned ruse which should be exposed.

Citizens should be weary of the fact that we are dealing with a very corrupt government that is up to no-good.

Nason Msoni

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