DEC arrests two for framing partners with drugs

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested two people in separate incidents in Lusaka for planting drugs against their counterparts.

DEC spokesperson John Nyawali said those arrested are Thelma Kasongo Mulombwanyama, 25, a resident of Northrise in Ndola and Abadir Cabdir, 30, a Somali national.

According to Nyawali, Mulombwanyama was arrested after it was discovered that she had framed her boyfriend, a Canadian national by fixing six balls of cannabis in her boyfriend’s bedroom following their domestic dispute.

“Initially, the Commission apprehended Ms Mulombwanyama’s boyfriend following a search at their Kabulonga flat where six balls of cannabis were found fixed in the drawer, said Nyawali.

In the other incident in Emmasdale, the Commission arrested Abadir Cabdir for fixing some bundles of mirra against his business competitor of the same nationality who had been apprehended in connection with the fixed psychotropic substance, according to Nyawali.

Nyawali said  DEC would like to warn that it will not be used by anyone to settle personal vendettas as it is composed of professional investigators who would not be lied to.

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