DEC boss grabs land from George Chellah

DEC boss grabs land from George Chellah

chellaPart of the land that Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) boss Alita Mbahwe has acquired using dirty money belongs to former State House spokesperson George Chellah.

A bitter exchange of words over the same land between Mbahwe and Chellah is currently going on. Using money from drug barons and money launderers, Mbavwe is constructing mansions, ultra modern chicken houses and other facilities on a 5 hectares property in the posh State Lodge area of Lusaka. See details here:

New information has now emerged that apart from using dirty money to acquire the land, Mbahwe has also grabbed part of the same land from people like George Chellah. How Chellah acquired that land and for how much is a different matter.

According text message seen by the Watchdog, Chellah is accusing Mbawhe of being ungrateful.

‘You’re so disrespectful and ungrateful. Alita, you today can label me a crook and start questioning the capacity under which I made myself present over issues concerning my land? Well, it’s life. Despite all this, I harbour no bitterness towards you and all I can wish you re best wishes. I thought I was forging good neighbourly ties but clearly that’s not your intention. I will go by your decision of seeing an enemy in me and not a good neighbour… because the ingratitude and hostility you’ve shown me thus,’ Chellah told Mbawhe in one of the text messages.


Apparently Chellah had served Mbawhe from ddismissal during the presidency of Michael Sata. The Watchdog is reliably informed the ministry of Home Affairs had on two occasion recommended to Saat to fire Mbawhe for corruption but Chellah, for some reason pleaded with Sata to wait until her contract expired.
‘Alita have respect for other people and stop being unnecessarily argumentative and bullish. I don’t take kindly to your greed and self-righteous manner of dealing with issues. You’re strange, all of a sudden you want to act with a lot of disrespect and unkindness like am a total stranger to you or a villain. You ve said a lot of rubbish and I have ignored. For starters, what has your surveyor told you? What did your meeting yesterday resolve? You don’t come to me with an attitude even on a matter that you, yourself knows you’re wrong. Please don’t insult my intelligence,’ Chellah wrote another message after a phone quarrel with Mbahwe.


But Mbawhe just responded ‘I’ll be out of the country from Saturday to the next week. Can we have a discussion?’.
Chellah then sent another message ‘If you think you shall resolve this matter with the pomposity you’re pursuing it with then good luck. At least I gave you my position yesterday. I will utilise all the necessary legal means at my disposal to claim what is mine. Be humble, nothing lasts forever.’


The Watchdog understands that it is very true that Mbawhe spends a lot of time outside the country to meet drug dealers.
.Mbawhe has whispered to his confidants that if Chellah continues resisting, she will either plant drugs on her or work with other law enforcement agencies to arrest him for corruption and lock him away for ever.

Mbawhe is telling her allies that after all Challah was very pompous when he was working at State House and many people do not like him so no one can support him.

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