DEC boss meets with General Chimese, an accused person

DEC boss meets with General Chimese, an accused person


Alita Mbahwe, Commissioner, Drug Enforcement Commission, Zambia – Conspiracy to defeat the course of justice.

When we reported last time that this woman is corrupt and has no integrity we were right.
We still restate our position that this woman is corrupt and very compromised.
She is not fit to be in that sensitive position. Here is why we confidently say so.
On Monday 8th July, 2019 in the afternoon, Alita Mbahwe met General Eric Chimese in the absence of other senior officers. The duo namely Alita Mbahwe and General Eric Chimese had a private meeting for close to two hours.
This is highly unethical for Alita to meet an accused person in the absence of other officers.
Not even a magistrate can meet an accused person in chambers without the prosecution being present. If a magistrate did so, this would be tantamount to professional misconduct warranting a dismissal.
The late Dpp Mukelebai Mukelebai (may his soul rest in peace) was accused of having met Xavier Chungu, an accused person, in Livingstone.
This prompted the then Republican President late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa to appoint a tribunal to prob the conduct of the late Dpp.
What Alita Mbahwe did on Monday afternoon is unethical and constitutes professional misconduct.
We urge the President to constitute a team of seasoned professional senior officers from the investigative wings to conduct an inquiry into the criminal conduct of Alita Mbahwe.
Alita Mbahwe’s conduct of meeting General Eric Chimese privately in the absence of other senior officers falls within the confines of conspiracy to defeat justice as provided for in section 112 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
The public may wish to know that on Tuesday 9th July, 2019, when the criminal matter in which General Eric Chimese is an accused person came up for trial in the Lusaka magistrate court, one witness namely Colonel Dexter Maseka became hostile after being compromised by General Chimese.

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  • comment-avatar
    Victimized Diplomat 5 days ago

    We need President ECL to F suspend Alita Mbawhe so that she is investigated for a series of criminal activities and not only in Chimese’s issue, but for alleged abuse of authority involving her younger brother and illegally withholding the promotions, pension and Zambia Police benefit of a UN Diplomat’s, complicit in the murder of the daughter of the said UN Diplomat and alleged theft of personal belongings of a UN Diplomat, in conspiracy with Kakoma Kanganja and other police officers, for their own  witch hunt lust and envy of such UN Diplomat’s achievements., and alleged inciting and inducing her own relatives to steal and harass the UN Diplomat, leading to a litany of gross rights violations..  Alita  needs to defend all such alleged unprofessional misconduct…

    She may have protection from state house regarding the meeting of Chimese… as it cannot be denied that her own relatives are linked with state house  land in Eswatini…. This is serious matter, because she wouldn’t meet Chimese on her own…

  • comment-avatar
    Mukwasu 6 days ago

    The late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was leader, he brought integrity to governance. When civil servant swore to protect the constitution it meant just that, even even the likes of Mugabe realized that fact.