DEC boss’s trick to protect PF thieves exposed

DEC boss’s trick to protect PF thieves exposed


By Simon Siame

AS ballots were being counted on August 12th and 13 the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Director was busy employing 70 known PF sympathisers to protect criminal politicians.

The 70 are meant to lead any investigations should the President Elect opt to probe senior government leaders in the PF for any malpractice.
Mr Musonda Siwayi met the 70 PF cadres between 17:00hrs and 23:00hr at the DEC headquarters where they were all formally given letters and engaged as employees.
The act shocked most senior DEC staff as procedure wasn’t followed as per tradition in a security organisation.
The new staff have all been attached to the Anti Money Laundering Department of the DEC.

According to sources most of the recruited staff are connected to most PF Members of the Central Committee of to former ministers under outgoing President Edgar Lungu.

“This is in an attempt to further weaken the system as these officers are earmarked for strategic positions in the Anti Money Laundering Investigations Unit of the DEC’,” the source said.
It has also been established that since his appointment as Director General Mr Simwayi has discontinued more criminal investigations cases prematurely than anyone else in the history of DEC.

He has angered the office of Auditor General and Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) who mostly are the main sources of information for these cases.

“Without shame the DEC is proudly talking about Malanji, Chilufya and Findlay investigations, the DG had closed all these cases. The Commission seized the Findlay account because of pressure from the FIC DG boss (iron lady) otherwise the man is toothless as he is dinning with the PF corrupt officials and he has continued having meetings with them at Ndozo Lodge, the source said.

Another source dislosed that the DG is assuring the elite corrupt PF officials of protection as he is already in talks with some some influential people in the upnd.

“I wish to urge the President Elect that removing these people before their contracts expire would be costly but my personal view is that its more costly to keep them as they will shield proper investigations and recovery of the much lost,” he said.

The DEC has since seized more that 10 personal bank accounts for some PF politicians and associates.
President Lusaka lost the August 12th elections to Hakainde Hichilema who has pledged a zero corruption policy in his regime

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