DEC continues conniving with Kapyongo

DEC continues conniving with Kapyongo


By Gilbert Daka

It’s is amazing how a professional organisation like the DEC can continue being abused by former ruling Patriotic Front.

Immediately after Maxwel Chungu’s resignation from the Patriotic Front, the former Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo instructed the Director General for Drug Enforcement Commission to pounce on Maxwell Chungu on pretense of investigations. This is intended to basically silence the young man who was likely to be an informant within the PF inner cycles as he has so much information about the deals that the former regime engaged itself in.

The DEC actually has all the information necessary to conduct high profile graft crimes but this is unattainable as long as Musonda Simwayi is at the helm of the organisation. Prosecuting PF criminals is against the reason he was appointed to be DG.

Our source tells us that ‘We are aware about his secret meetings with Malanji at one of the secret DEC facilities in Kabulonga where him and one lady (head of money laundering at DEC who is married to Besa a PF cadre) did a postmortem of how to destroy the case of Malanji after being handsomely bribed’.

The DG has actually been all over meeting PF officials assuring them of protection as he has already closed most of their cases. Let the DEC answer on what it has done with the case of Chitalu Chilufya whom they are investigating but have not even seized his accounts, Kennedy Kamba Fra maize saga and many more, Andrew lubusha NCZ Fertilizer Saga, Davies Mwila SG on mealie meal permits to Mushe Milling for export to Kasumbalesa when there has been a ban, fertiliser imports and many other crimes, Jean Kapata Mukula and land deals, the youth empowerment projects which has abandoned tanker trucks parked in Levy Mwanawasa stadium after HH election, Forest 27 scandal where people have built mansions, former Minister of Mines who has even built a Gold Smelter at his house, Bowma Lusambo deals with Chiness.

These are some of the many cases the DEC should have directed their energies to instead of day in and day out talking about small boys like Phil and Maxwel Chungu but as long as this DG remains at DEC, we don’t expect much from that institution, you will keep hearing about the arrest of small boys whilst covering the real big fish.

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