DEC detain lawyer Mosho after winning case against them

Dear Editor,

Please hide my ID. I want the World to know how the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Zambia has Continued Tormenting a Lusaka Lawyer Lewis Mosho.

For three Occasions DEC has lost Cases against Lewis Mosho after which he Sued DEC and requested them to pay him K80bn for Damages.

My Worry is that just after that ruling DEC has been restless even Wanting to Assassinate Mosho using 4 c5 officers.

After all failed they raided his house last week Thursday and have arrested and detained him without any Case or Evidence.

DEC is Personal

BACKGROUND (not part of letter above)

In February this year, Shoprite laid charges of fraud, theft and possible money laundering against Mosho and partners, whom it accuses of selling Shoprite treasury shares outside its mandate and stealing K47 billion in proceeds.

The fraud and theft charges against Lewis Nathan Advocates and its partners – Lewis Mosho, Lastene Mwanabo, Charles Chonto and Frederick Mudenda – arise from the transfer agent’s alleged selling of shares without authority and keeping the proceeds.  Shoprite lais the charges with the Drug Enforcement of Zambia.

Last year, DEC seized Mosho’s bank accounts but the court ruled that DEC acted illegally and ordered that Mosho be compensated.

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