DEC frames Kitwe court officials using their Nigerian agent

The Drug Enforcement Commission has tricked two court officials in Kitwe using a Nigerian.

Over the weekend, DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo told the country that DEC on the Copperbelt has arrested two court officials from the Kitwe Magistrates Court and a 31 year old man of Chimwemwe for trafficking in cocaine.

Katongo said, Doris Chabu, 38, a Clerk of Court residing at House No. A116 Mindolo Township has been arrested and jointly charged with Sifaya Mwangombe, 39, a driver at the Kitwe Magistrates court and Luciano Malumbula, 31, of Chimwemwe Township in Kitwe for trafficking in 28 sachets of cocaine.

She further said the drugs in question were tendered in as exhibits in a case involving two Nigerian nationals who were earlier this year arrested by the Commission for trafficking in cocaine and have since been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour.

But the Watchdog has been informed that this is just the ongoing harassment of court officials by the DEC.

The DEC swore to draw first blood after a magistrate in Western province disclosed that DEC officials plant drugs and porn material on innocent citizens it wants to punish.

OP sources have told the Watchdog that in the Kitwe case, the two court officials were framed by DEC using a Nigerian man who is also an agent of DEC.

Luciano Malumbula, the 31-year old man of Chimwemwe Township who was arrested with two court officials is actually a Nigerian.

He is a well-known agent of DEC. In this case, his role was to frame the two court officials.

He will be paid for the job while the court officials may be jailed.

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