DEC loses over 70 % court cases


Incompetent and directionless Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has lost over 70% of cases it has taken to the courts of law for prosecution.

Out of 1,422 people it arrested for drug trafficking and money laundering related cases so far this year, ineffectual DEC has lost over 900 cases representing a failure rate of over 70%.

According to official statistics recently published, only 516 were successfully convicted although the majority was fined. Lusaka province which is directly supervised on a daily basis and is a few blocks away from the corrupt DEC headquarters recorded the highest number of bad cases.

The embarrassing failure rate has been attributed to bungling among DEC officers and general lack of direction by the current clumsy command.

Sources from the Attorney General’s chambers have also disclosed that shady DEC is among the useless public institutions that are making government lose millions of kwacha every year in litigations.

Recently, there has been a public outcry to have DEC taken back to Police where it originated from to reduce on the confusion and tension it has created among law enforcement agencies such as ZP itself, RTSA and ACC mainly due to its loss of value and direction hence doing work outside its mandated jurisdiction of Narcotic drugs and Money Laundering.

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