DEC officer in charge of hacking emails exposed

One of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers specialising in hacking people’s emails is a character called Anderson Situmbeko.

He studied Computer Systems Engineering and Hardware Maintenance at National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA). He is employed as ICT officer at DEC.

He was employed as an investigator but was found unsuitable by the former leadership of DEC, which valued integrity among its officers. He was suspended for soliciting and receiving bribes from suspects.

But he was brought back by the current DEC leadership which believes in nepotism and being hero-worshiped.  Infact Situmbeko is now the best and confidant of  Anderson Mbavwe, the younger brother to DEC commission Anita Mbwawhe. Anderson Mbavwe is second in command to his sister.

DEC is generally a deplorable government agency nowadays. It is a political tool just used for intimidating people viewed as opponents of government and it is good framing people by at planting drugs on innocent citizens.  No wonder in Chibolya they beat them up because they know them well.

Situmbeko is a hopeless character. Even at home he has no manners. He impregnated his wife’s younger sister and this is a well known story within DEC. He is a drunkard and generally he is not a serious person.

Yet, this is one of the persons the PF has assigned to hunt the Zambian Watchdog. We know more about him and his friends from the OP whom we shall name here one by one.

Has anyone ever wondered why there are no secrets in the PF government? It is because of giving serious assignments to people like Situmbeko. When he is drunk as he often is, he starts telling his drinking mates how much he has been paid to hack emails.

Situmbeko and his colleagues from OP are the ones creating fake websites and facebook pages in the hope that they will deter the Watchdog from operating or exposing government corruption. That will never happen.

Situmbeko and his friends to be named soon use very dull code names such ‘dog Sausage, kwindi Koswe’ and other such useless names that reflect the level of incompetence and immaturity in the PF government..

Seriously these are the people in charge of the country’s and the president’s security? Zambia is a blessed country indeed.

That is why they can even claim that the editor of the Watchdog is in London when president Michael Sata and most government officials know that is not true.

If only Sata could afford to hire us, his intelligence will be perfect.

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