DEC raids FAZ offices looking for drugs

DEC raids FAZ offices looking for drugs

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) wishes to inform its membership and stakeholders that its operations have been partially paralyzed following a raid by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers.

Drug Enforcement Commission officers descended on the institution this afternoon (Thursday) and got away with a laptop and CPU from the office of the General Secretary Adrian Kashala and a desktop from his personal assistant.

The FAZ officials fully cooperated with the DEC officers and have pledged full compliance with the law enforcement agencies.

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission presented a search warrant looking for drugs and narcotics and other related substances.
FAZ is however disturbed by the nature of the operations conducted by DEC especially that it has set the benchmark of conducting its business above board.

As FAZ we wish to reiterate that we operate on an open door policy and remain available to whoever wishes to seek information within the law.

Sydney Mungala

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