DEC seeks more information from Kambwili

…No one will arrest you

THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has assured National Democratic Focus (NDF) leader Chishimba Kambwili that he will not be arrested under no means for being a whistle-blower on alleged drug peddling deals linking state house.

Yesterday September 10th 2019) senior DEC officers phoned Kambwili seeking a meeting with him over the same allegations but he declined and told the officers off.

President Edgar Lungu’s close friend and business ally Findlay has been named in some international drug peddling scandal. It is also alleged that he uses the Presidential jet to courier some of the drugs. Findlay is regularly traveling with President Lungu on the presidential jet despite him not being a government official.
The DEC is willing to meet Kambwili at a venue and time of his choice so that information could be obtained from him formally.
“He has been guaranteed that no arrest will be made. He will remain a free man and DEC only wants to ensure that the information and keys leads are established,” a source at DEC said.
The source guaranteed that it has resolved and agreed officially that there is no need to arrest Kambwili and he will not be arrested because there is no offence he has committed.
Investigating drug related offences was a challenging task and having clear leads was important for any case. The information revealed by Kambwili has raised a lot of local and international interests and as a Zambian citizens the DEC feels that he even deserves protection hence the appeals to meet him at a place and time of his choice and convenience.
The DEC has pleaded with Kambwili to trust them. They have also promised him security as some drug dealers were extreme criminal and could harm him.
It is was normal for DEC to follow there informers to convenient places because of the protection that they needed from drug dealers.
But from the initial phone call Kambwili seemed uncooperative and told off the senior officers. They are however determined that he would be rethink his stance and assist with more information to the allegations.

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